“Innovative Cabling Solutions has always been on the job on time and dressed appropriately. They work quietly and make special provisions in their work schedule not to interrupt the course of business in our office. I would highly recommend using Innovative Cabling Solutions.”

David R. Tamuty
General Manager
Wayne Wright Attorneys



“Innovative Cabling Solutions has provided creative solutions and precision workmanship. In terms of service, their work has been timely and consistently met or exceeded our requirements.”

Michael S. McCabe
Supervisor, Operations Support
Capitol Group Companies



Welcome to Innovative Cabling Solutions, your one stop source for all of your data cabling needs. Experience, professionalism, dedicated on-going management, just a few expectations you might have that Innovative Cabling Solutions already delivers daily to host of satisfied customers.

Data cabling has changed significantly over the past decade and continues to do so yearly. In order to compete in today's digital market, up to date data infrastructure is essential for growth and success. In order to accomplish this, you need a partner you can depend on.

Innovative Cabling Solutions’ strength lies in our ability to help you define your specific needs and installation requirements.  Once done, you’ll then receive multiple solutions to fit your budgeted needs. No additional costs or items you don’t need, a solution built specifically for your needs within your budget.

Visit the site for examples of services provided. If interested in finding out more information, please take the time to complete the contact us form and receive a guaranteed reply within 24 hours.