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Coaxial cables carry multiple loads depending on use. The two most common coax cables are 50 ohms (widely used for Ethernet) and 75 ohms (home use for TV or cable). Coax cable can support higher bandwidths than unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable. Innovative Cabling Solutions tries to install coax across all levels when possible as it affects efficiency. When all parts of the system have the same impedance, your system will function much better.

Knowing how to install and terminate coax cable properly is critical to achieving impedance matching. Knowledge and selection of the best available materials greatly increases efficiency as well. Even though coax makes up for a small percentage of installations, it is still a critical piece to many cabling jobs.

Most video applications will also utilize coax cables. Innovative Cabling Solutions also uses some twisted pair where applicable. Whether your need resides in video surveillance, business conferencing or satellite distribution, contact Innovative Cabling Solutions today to get answers on solutions for your business needs.