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The quality of the cable used and the testing procedures are extremely important with the installation of your wiring for data. Networks are designed to carry large amounts of information at incredible speeds and if enough testing is not done, issues can arise. To accomplish the best solution, Innovative Cabling Solutions looks to achieve multiple sets of criteria.

Those criteria are set by The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the American National Standards Institute, and the Telecommunications Industry Association / Electronic Industry Alliance (TIA/EIA) who issue standards and testing procedures.

With bandwidth increases over the past two decades, many changes have had to be made in expectations and procedures. Reliance on internal networks is higher than ever and getting information to where it needs to be more difficult. Don’t let cabling issues be the reason your network problems. When cabling is done by professionals who understand what issues can arise, your problems can be avoiding and real savings will be attained. Your cable needs to be installed following strict and specific guidelines. Most importantly you need proper testing and assurances the equipment used is correct for your needs.

Innovative Cabling Solutions can handle your Voice cabling needs; contact us today to get a personalized quote.